How it all began

Already in 1872 Đorđe Miladinović, today known as “Deda Đorđe”(“Grandpa Đorđe”) was born. He was once a well-known winemaker from Drenovac, who under his skillful hands cultivated 4.5 hectares of vineyards and was widely known for his quality wine and good brandy.

To the honor and pride of the entire Miladinović family, Grandpa Đorđe survived the Albanian Golgotha and proudly wore the Albanian monument.

Over time and generations, the vineyards were reduced and lost, but the family tradition, the memory and respect for ancestors, as well as his writings and recipes for making our favorite drink, survived from generation to generation and have reached the present day, where they adorn every drop of the drink originating from the family with the spirit of the past.


Inspired by his family history, the great-grandson of Đorđe, Predrag Miladinović, 149 years later, in 2010, had the desire to restore the old family tradition and bring life back into the family estate by establishing a winery and distillery called “DREMINA”.

The name of the winery is inspired by the family, on which our whole history is based, and derives from the name of our village Drenovac with the initials of the owner’s children, Minja and Nadja. While the brand itself, by which everyone recognizes us, was named “Deda Đorđe” in honor and gratitude to our ancestor.


The idea was to produce wine and brandy of the highest quality, according to old recipes, which can be drunk with family and friends. That’s how it started, and then there was a constant demand for more bottles. So, a little unconsciously, we went into the adaptation of the estate, increasing capacity and modernizing production technology, taking care to preserve our family heritage and the art of wine and brandy entrusted to us, yet constantly working to improve the quality as well as the refinement of our drinks.

Cellar Dremina

About Us

Dremina represents a modern rural household, surrounded by tradition and history. In the buildings, where the oldest ones are from 1920, with minimal changes in restoration and adaptation, a loving process takes place, the process of making our brandies and wines.

The cellar itself could be divided into three parts, so we own:


The left side of the property is dedicated to the production of brandies that to this day leave no one cold. Taking into consideration the source itself, that is, the orchard, where, in addition to our own plantations, we have been working for years with proven farms that have now become our friends, from which we get the best edible fruit through technology and techniques, in the selection of which the quality was the first and only priority, to the stainless steel vessels and oak barrels. In between there is only a lot of love, dedication and experience of the whole family and staff who have become part of it over time.


On the right side of the estate happens the art of making the best wines. Partly from the family vineyards and the rest from the Levački vineyards, which are in our long-term lease and cooperation, grapes of the highest quality come to us, which begins the journey of our wines. In a combination of traditional and the most modern tools, equipment and techniques, in fully controlled conditions and with attention to every detail of the production process, we create wines that we are proud of. Many sleepless nights have gone into each of our bottles, where we have invested all our love, effort and knowledge to get the wine we have today.

Tasting area

Where there is excellent liquor and wine with the right people, is also the best time for socializing and enjoying with family and friends. In the earlier years mainly made for our needs, and over time we have made an ideal space for it by expanding and adapting. Above the wine cellar there is a small tasting room, followed by a hall for parties and celebrations, while on the estate we also have an authentic house from 1920 with a chimney, designed for more intimate gatherings with small amounts of people.


Mission and Vision

The vision he had is now reality. The ideology that guides us, that we have a recognized product, is accepted by consumers and professionals. DREMINA is a synonym for quality in a bottle.

Our products were created by building our ambitions, our true knowledge and a family tradition of a century and a half. Each glass of brandy, each glass of wine is a unique combination of the texture of the earth, the warmth of the sun, the highest quality grapes and plums, traditional knowledge and love. In essence, the art of drinking is the art of enjoying life.



Like each glass of our fruit brandy, each glass of our wine tells you a story. A story that knows only the top quality of the most beautiful ripe fruit, in those passion, skill and the best technologies are intertwined.

We want you to stop for a moment. For just an instant not to talk and not to think, let your senses, bring them images of the most beautiful orchards and vineyards, the scents of ripe quinces, apricots, pears and blue plums immersed in the sun. To feel the quality and time spent learning to offer you the best.

We give you tradition, skill and dedication in every drop of our drinks, and you will return it to us with confidence that you will be passed down through generations.



Driven by the love of our craft, we boldly push forward and invest the best of ourselves – the finest fruit, skill and cutting-edge technology, into every drop of our brandy and wine. From the best, we want the very best and the highest quality.

Our goal is to offer you soon premium drinks, which will stand for unique aroma and highest quality not only in Serbia, but also in the world. Authentic in their character and distinctive flavor symbiosis, we want our brandies and wines to be your first and only choice, because they are tailored to your taste and all have a premium quality that you can expect from them and much more.

We want that you tell your friends about our drinks, bring them with pride to your loved ones, so that people ask about our brandies and wines far beyond the borders of our country, as a symbol of the highest standards and a perfect long-lasting range of flavors.

Believe us, the Dremina cellar in honor of Grandfather Đorđe deserves it.